Saturday, October 15, 2005

Catching up on Events
Watched Corpse Bride with my Panda Bear and her friends.
Had loads of fun as we discussed the prospects of boys being pets (this was inspired by "the Shirt"), Me and my Kuya Bodjie semblance, the idea of ghosts in buildings, the weird parents-talking-about-the-birds-and-the-bees tales and more. Made a few new friends that night (gotta ask if I can add them to by blogroll soon!)

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Another evening, had dinner with my Panda Bear at Katipunan.
This time, we ate at KFC for a simpler dinner. Started with a short tribute to John Boy who has been such a great friend and supportive buddy all these months. Then, made our way to Starbucks to discover they were out of Eclairs. So we simply headed back and made our way instead to Mag:net where it so happened Quark Henares was to have some film showing. Ate dessert there but realised we didn't have time to stay for the film showing. Bid farewell to Quark via text and made our way back to U.P. to hang out outside while talking about dogs and dreams and nightmares and the couple making out at the other shed just beside ours. The girl began to sing a really nice song too. But eventually the night was late and I had to head back, considering I had Seth's dinner with me.

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Lastly, my sweet Panda Bear passed by my office to join me for dinner.
Having to do some work til late, Isha opted to drop by and join me for a quick dinner. We ate at the cafeteria... simple lang... and traded some stories while devouring the thankfully warm food, before having to bid farewell since I had work to get back to. Was very happy to see her though. Without her, I'd probably be far grumpier than I have been these past few days. My sweetie really makes me smile just by being there for me. Just by being with me.

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