Monday, September 26, 2005

Was in the AEGIS Open Meet last weekend and ran an Exalted demo for two new role-playing gamers. Had another one shot game with the TROPA afterwards. Met up with the Ibil_Ay himself and chatted over fruitshakes and cigarettes about comics books and comic book writers. Then worked til 4 or 5 a.m. this morning uploading huge pictures to an error-prone server.

Woke up late and struggled to get to work and somehow find a chance to have lunch with my Panda Bear butfailed to make time work on my side. Regretfully had to call a raincheck on the lunch date and instead worked on a project whose material had to be revised twice before production even started.

And now, having lunch at my desk.

Have 1,000 pesos left to stretch til suweldo comes in.
That means I have 250 pesos per day til the money rolls in again.
Assuming I stick to using a cab to travel between work and my apartment (a choice I've embraced as part of reducing stress) that means, I spend approximately (rounded up) 80 pesos per ride. Which is 160 pesos per day.
That leaves me 90 pesos per day for whatever I need.

Which means: I might have to cancel any gimmicks with Isha this week, unless she's willing to just eat at our office cafeteria where the food is cheaper than one can imagine. I'm going to be skipping all gimmicks and eat-outs with my friends. Definitely not going to the spa anytime soon. And absolutely not going to be able to buy food or snacks for Seth or the apartment.

Gah. Mondays can be cruel.
Low pay-increases even more so.


  1. i did NOT have a fruitshake. It was a manly espresso ice coffee with chocolate.

    heh. :-P

  2. mamaaa :( Miss you. *eyes you reaproachfully. You could have told me directly instead of making parinig here.

  3. This was no parinig.
    It was thinking out loud!

  4. tobito!!!!! go to my site... i have a small assignment for you... hehehe... ;)

  5. don't worry tobs, you'll make it...



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