Friday, September 16, 2005

I have found irrevocable proof that John Boy is straight.
Yun nga lang... in need of volunteers. Yes, John Boy is not into Bananas.. in or out of Pajamas... he prefers Oysters.

All intersted parties, please call me immediately. Mention time, date and number of positions proficient in.
(note: John Boy did not ask me to post this. In fact, if you notice me stop blogging for weeks... years... realise its probably him finally killing me for posting this. )


  1. thanks for stopping by. you asked where u could hear canadian idol music clips ? go to
    that's where it's all at. is it o.k. if i link you ? i like your blog. :)

  2. Wahahahaha John Boy Is Scary

  3. Darkangel, thanks man!

    Isha, heheheh am more scared for the women.

  4. akala ko ba straight talaga yan johnboy na yan????? now i'm confused... right now buhay ka pa so i guess di pa alam ni JB ang post na ito! btw, bananas are more delicious than oysters... i haven't tried eating oysters. i'm talking about the real bananas and oysters po!

  5. si johnboy.... manyak. ahahhahh!



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