Thursday, September 15, 2005

Been having some tough times at work and in my personal life. The coming advent of having to move as well as the juggling act of work deadlines has been terribly taxing. They used to say at work "When it rains, it pours." For us, its more "When it rains, its a damn Tsunami!" Thankfully, Isha has been one powerful source of happiness and care. Bananas are yummy too.

Belated HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY to MAUI nga pala. Too bad he's outside Manila right now. Dude, when you're back, tell me. I'll treat you out to coffee or whatever, okie dokie?

Also, Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to FORCE VECTOR who might not have a blog, but is still a great friend of mine. Hope you feel better soon buddy.

Any how, check out what else has been going on in my life!
Oh and if I disappear for a few days, weeks, hours or years... know it was most likely John Boy! Hahahaha!!!

Go get him, girls!


  1. Thanks mama. Hang in there.

  2. bro... is melissa... marissa's sister melissa?

  3. johnboy half naked????????????? jesus! good lord!

  4. Hi Tobie, thanks for dropping by in my hub. Can I link you up? Continue blogging!

  5. Isha, thank you. Sobra. :-) Huggies!!!

    Shiro, Yes, I believe so. :-)

    Saint Eroica, Yes... and there was other time it was the lower half! Hahahaha!

    Glenn, Sure although I link up with those who at least I have "met" via Yahoo Messenger! Catch you online sometime!



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