Tuesday, September 20, 2005

CATCH UP: Last week Isha and I were supposed to meet up with my Mom and the family for a dinner celebration. But sadly, that day the rains were horrifically cruel (waist-deep in the South Super Highway I heard) and we were forced to instead eat at my office. The food was good, actually. I got some fish while Isha tried the filet mignon. We also had some queso de bola cheesecake after (i missed the free sliced bananas when the place was still owned by Murasaki). All in all, the day went well, considering the sad fact we weren't able to make it to my Mom's dinner.

I've taken the habit of getting some fortune cookies whenever I can afford some for me and Isha to share with others. This day was strangely special too when I opened my fortune cookie to find two inside mine.

I'm really happy Isha has gotten along with my officemates and friends. They enjoy her company a lot too.

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  1. HAha stop gushing na mama. :D am shy na.



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