Thursday, September 29, 2005

Back when I was still studying in Don Bosco Makati, I used to take this school bus/jeep every morning. Back then, I was a snotty little snobbish kid who had all these insecurity problems and tended to be afraid of anyone from a higher batch (after having been beaten up before). So you can imagine my surprise when I learned an old higher batch guy from those years turned up and happens to be a friend of my Panda bear Isha herself!

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Meet, Evil Eye. Evil Eye was one of them upper batch kids whom I used to cower from, expecting to be beaten up to a pulp for being different. I recall him as one of them kids who used to break hearts and make the girls from those other schools squeal when our bus would drive by theirs. Turns out, the guy's still my neighbor in the South and has been into comic books for the longest of times too. I guess had I not been deathly afraid of anyone a batch higher than me, we could have hit it off as good friends that early.
So, here's to great comics, buddy!

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