Thursday, August 04, 2005

1) Diliman issue #14 = Just finished re-writing and re-drawing a bunch of pages. Just hit page 11. Here's hoping it goes well and you all like it!
2) Bangungot = Drawn the next four pages at last. But I am still trying to write it the way it should sound.
3) James Project = Having trouble coming up with the key terms. Anyone know how to speak/write in proper Latin.
4) Alex-Budjette Project = Nagging Alex to show me some pages! Here's hoping I can share a page or two soon.
5) Ghibli Project = Almost ready to begin initial drafts of the designs. Here's hoping you appreciate it as much as I loved working on it. I wonder if Alamat comics would be interested in having this featured or printed heheh.
6) Eloy Project = Website designing can be tough without images to use. The netbook is excellent though! Can't wait for you all to see it when its done.
7) 24-Hr RPG Project = Done with the project. Now just collecting feedback and then its layout and releasing it as a pdf!
8) Gaiman Project = Working out legalese. And opened offer to all. So far, very low number of interested parties, surprisingly.
9) Open Meet Modules = Oh gawd.. havent' done this at all!

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