Monday, August 15, 2005


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Had our second session last Friday with two guys travelling all the way from Pampanga to join the fun! And what fun it was! The adventurers found themselves in the strange city of Gotham were crime seemingly was non-existent and a certain degree of happiness was constantly in the streets. Only their chance meeting with a rogue specialist from the town who has also discovered the grusome truths behind the idyllic place as well as the arrival of a Weaver serving Paladin give the Wayfarers the necessary edge to save the day.

I can only wonder when the next session will be. Definitely not this weekend though, with it being not only Quezon City Day (no work!) but also the day I am joining my officemates to Tagaytay for an overnight gimmick.


Yep. This time by Kervs.

3 Names I Go BY:
1. Tobie
2. Antonio Gabriel Abad IV
3. Tobes

3 Screen Names I have:
1. tobito_abad
2. garapata
3. godfan

3 Physical Things I Like About Myself
1. Eyes
2. Hirsuteness
3. Buttocks

3 Physical Things I Don't Like About Myself
1. My tummy (which has grown a tad too much)
2. My overbite (which has caused my smiles to be more gilagid than teeth)
3. My lack of a definite chin/profile

3 Parts of My Heritage
(I excluded Filipino)
1. Spanish
2. Chinese
3. British Indian

3 Things That Scare Me
1. Dogs
2. Dying Alone
3. Success

3 Of My Everyday Essentials
1. Computer (must check e-mail, updates, blog, forum games)
2. Rosary
3. My WCK (Wallet, Cellular and Keys)

3 Of My Favorite Musicians
1. Tori Amos
2. Josh Groban
3. Akira Yamaoka

3 Of My Favorite Songs
1. Silent All These Years by Tori Amos
2. Broken Vow by Josh Groban
3. I Want Love by Akira Yamaoka for Silent Hill 3

3 Things You Want In A Relationship
1. Honesty, for it leads to Trust
2. Sensitivity, for it leads to Passion
3. Understanding, for it gives birth to Love

3 Lies In No Particular Order
1. I am stuck in the past
2. I am okay right now, emotionally and physically
3. I can leave for the States whenever I want

3 Truths In No Particular Order
1. I greatly value friendship
2. I wish people could be more sensitive and honest
3. I am tempted to just run away and reboot my life

3 Physical Things That Appeal to Me
1. Being a tad on the heavy side to be more huggable.
2. Non-make-up intensive faces
3. I think I have a thing for shorter people

3 Of My Hobbies Right Now:
1. Role-Playing games (forever!)
2. Collecting music and movie scores
3. Working on my Indie comics

3 Things I Want To Do Really Badly Now
1. Have someone to hold, cuddle, spoon, and just get physically intimate (not sexual) with.
2. Tell certain people off for how they've treated me. I'm too nice. I always keep things to myself like some sponge.
3. Get a breather from work. Something like take a break for 3 - 4 months.

3 Carreers I've Considered Doing
1. Actor, be it theater, film or television.
2. Teacher, perhaps for college kids.
3. Priest.

3 Places I Want To Go On Vacation At
1. Europe, specifically in Italy
2. Toronto, Canada
3. Tokyo, Japan

3 Kid's Names I Like
1. Sasha
2. Alessandro
3. Gabriel

3 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
(well, three other just to differentiate from the early quiz)
1. Eat Fugu (Puffer Fish with just a little bit of poison to numb the lips)
2. Experience Zero-Gravity
3. Hear certain people tell me, "You are still the Tobie we love and know."

3 Ways That I Am A Stereotypical Guy
1. I love to toss around green-jokes. A lot.
2. I love getting down and dirty when it comes to certain physical activities. Like beach activities. Or hiking trips. What, what did you think i was referring to?
3. Uh yeah, that thing you thought I was referring to too.

3 Ways That I Am A Stereotypical Girl
1. I can be difficult to argue or talk to considering when facing things, I actually think four to five steps ahead of the issue (example: A Friend goes out with other friends to a movie but doesn't invite me. I'm thinking "This is because we haven't been hanging out, I've neglected the friendship, or maybe he's grown tired of hanging out. No, I got it. He's decided I'm not worth his time...")
2. I like physical intimacy such as hugs and cuddling.
3. I can be frighteningly cerebral when dealing with break-ups that my then partner initiates, which then lead me to being relatively okay until I have those crying myself to sleep late at night while in bed.

3 People I Would Like To See Take This Quiz
1. Isha
2. Shiro
3. Seth

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  1. Nice! Though I still think you think too much, I learned to think less, just a bit. Thinking is its own reward and burden that leads to some headaches and discoveries.

  2. True. Very true.

  3. too bad we won't have a game this friday but on the bright side.. i think we all need a break :)

  4. Awww...

    well, always next time.



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