Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Part of what I love about being here in my current workplace is how the people are real people and not two-faced drones who only care about using you to get their own work done. Granted there are people who stand as exception to the rule, people from ABS-CBN Global Limited are great characters who keep the job fun and exciting and the breaks in-between even more so. And that, I believe, is the major secret to our department's success.
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  1. uy bibingka, wow, i can almost taste it... when i worked in a corporate firm few years back it was warm, freshly baked banana cake from the next building we would go for at exactly 3.30pm, became a ritual. that's how our French-officemate learned her first Filipino word: "merienda" (with a 'nasal' rrr)
    nice happy pics, tobie :)

  2. Napadaan lang po mula sa blog ni Dzune. Tahimik lang ako rito. :)

  3. Bibingka is soooo yummy pag-tag ulan!

    Ederic, feel free!



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