Saturday, August 06, 2005


A friend of mine named Alvin is really one of a kind. Although he's now based in the United States, he makes it a point to keep in touch. Probably at least once every two weeks or so, Alvin sends me a voice mail message through his cellular phone to my Yahoo! e-mail to listen to. Most of the time it would be a few greetings for me and for our mutual friends. Occasionally, it would include an anecdote or a short tidbit on how his life's been going. Ultimately, its a nice gesture which I try to return by chatting with him on YM! whenever I possibly can catch him online. When I was in Los Angeles a few months back, Alvin actually flew to Los Angeles from San Francisco to catch up on old times and hang out. How's that for a friend who really shows you you're important to him.

Alvin, thank you for being a really nice and sweet friend.
And yes, I will definitely contact you when I get another chance to hang out with you again in the United States.

I only hope I am just as much a good friend to you as you are to me.

New word for the Month:
Learn it and be aware.

Read about it. You might be suffering it and not know it.

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  1. it's always great to have friends like that. am sure you will take good care of it. :)



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