Thursday, August 04, 2005

Invited Carl and Sam to join me for a short time well spent de-stressing and singing out lungs out. Two other friends (one of which is the anonymous Northspy!) were supposed to join us but certain events conspired to get in the way. Ever since I first learned the joys of going out for videoke from Carl waaaaay back when I was still someone who actually hung out in Makati and visited the malls a lot, I have embraced the act of singing one's favorite tunes out loud with a microphone in hand as a guilty pleasure and release from the bondages of stress and worry. At least once a month (or two) I try to make sure I have enough money set aside for a night of crooning, singing, belting and lampooning songs with friends (or if worst case scenarios occur, alone.)
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Typically, I'd stick to songs I've been used to: Barry Manilow's Bluer than Blue, Michael Buble's renditions of Fever, Sway, Come Fly with Me, The Way you are, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Kissing a Fool, True Faith's Huwag na Lang Kaya and even Martin Nievera songs, but tonight I decided to take a stab at Josh Grobin's Broken Vow. I promised Northspy I'd practice it so I can sing it for her one time (she loves Josh Grobin songs, you see. And is notorious for forcing me to learn to sing The Prayer with her!) Well, I was able to sing it and I must admit, I wasn't sure if I could! Heheh, guess medyo inspired! I was even surprised to find Fantasia's I Believe already available! And decided to take a stab at trying Christian Bautista's So Its You.

It helped big time though. I've been stressing over the fact the other commercial project I am working on which is due to be produced early morning this Thursday (which is now actually) doesn't have all its material in yet. I decided I deserved a break for the night.

If you've not yet ever tried going to a videoke place, I do highly recommend you try it out with some friends if not alone. There's a lot of stress released out when you just drop all worries away and sing a few songs you love listening to. And even better, if you find yourself belting them out with friends whom don't give a darn if you're off-key or what.

Seemingly gone from the usual song sequence, however, was the two duets me and Carl always sang together. Summer Nights from Grease was seemingly forgotten, as was our "show" song Loving You. But no regrets! Always more and more songs to try singing!

Tobie's usual song-list:
1) Bluer Than Blue
2) Huwag Na Lang Kaya
3) How Sweet it is (to be loved by you)
4) You Were Meant For Me
5) Sway
6) Fever
7) Come Fly With Me
8) Deeply Dippy
9) The Way you Are
10) Crazy Little Thing Called Love
11) Summer Nights
12) Loving You
13) So It's You
14) Harana
15) Come What May
16) Your Song


  1. next time sama ako!!!!!


  2. Aba! Why not!

  3. wow!

    mukhang inspired ka nga!!!

    mmm...wonder who?!!

    ei, may kulang ka sa list mo.. check it out!!!



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