Monday, August 22, 2005

Isha and I were chatting away in YM! when she flipped on the Doddle IMvironment for us to have fun with. What started with mindless doodles then became an attempt to make each other's portrait.

Isha got me on the first go:

Of course, this required me to take to the task and see if I can manage something other than my usual morbid, bloody, freaky artwork.

Taking the mouse into my hand (which frankly I had trouble with, having been used to using a stylus for quite some time at work), I ended up doing this:

Determined to come up with something better, I took my "trying to do something cool" out of my head and just let the hands create what I felt I wanted to really draw. I ditched the worries over anatomy and realism and just allowed my creative inner child to create what I truly felt was a good representation of the Lost Panda Bear Isha.

And this is what I ended up with:

Which I personally feel really captured what I wanted to say.
And I think she did too.


  1. Awww, aren't we cute. Hahaha. Huggggs tobie. I like the yellow one a lot better than the freaky clown panda thingy.

  2. Props, you two! I never did get the hang of that YM doodle environment, especially with my ol' trusty (more like rusty) mouse. Or maybe I just lack practice. Heheh.

    If either of you wanna show me how, here's my YM ID: fearless_kitsune. add me up, y'all! =)



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