Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A collection of fan fiction, poetry, short stories, artwork and essays written by people who have been touched, influenced or inspired by Neil Gaiman and his works.

To collect them and transform them into a netbook that all consent shall be freely distrubed and shared with the rest of the world that chooses to be interested in it. Share the joy, the inspiration and the writings and expressions you have found born in you with those who may have not yet heard or encountered Neil Gaiman or his works.

What do you guys think?
Sounds good?

I was thinking of having some rules too. Like a page count maximum for fiction, etc, or a size max for artwork so when we lay it out into a book, it comes out all nice and proper. I wonder who'd be up to contributing to making this happen?


  1. Yo Tobie! Count me in! This may be the venue I need to finally get that story about Camelot and the Endless written!

    So, what are the ground rules?


  2. am willing to contribute to. mechanics?

  3. I can contribute a drawing. :)

  4. Am still open to suggestions.

    I am considering the following:
    All measurements are given in "pages"
    Each page is approximated to be a sheet of bond paper (8x10) I am still studying what dimensions would be best for a pdf book.

    I am still finalising the legalese of this project, so I won't be accepting the submissions just yet. I am still trying to make sure its clear to all that I plan to lay-out or design the basic look of the pages, and that would mean adjusting the submissions to fit the look. So try to keep all written submissions in basic fonts (like Arial or Times new Roman) for now please.

    For poetry -
    Up to 5 poems or 5 pages per person
    (So you can submit say 3 poems that fill a total of 5 pages, or say 1 long epic poem that spans up to 5 pages, or 5 short poems which will be given 1 page each.)

    For prose/fanfic/etc-
    Up to 5 stories or 5 pages per person again. So you can have at most, 5 short stories of one page each!

    For artwork-
    Up to 5 full page art pieces, or up to 10 small art pieces (depending if there are that many pages available.) Small art pieces are even recommended to be done based on existing submissions.

    How does that sound? Fair? Too oppressive? Too loose?

    Feedback welcome!

  5. you've got a brilliant idea there.. visit find out how it might help you collaborate with the rest of the group on this project.

  6. You know me, Tobs, I'm in for poetry :P

  7. Yahooo!!! 2 more?
    I'm assuming that means two more!

  8. hahaha. just read my comment. am willing to contribute TOO. :)



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