Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just saw ARAHAN

Korean movies keep getting better. Just finished watching ARAHAN with my housemate Seth today. Best way to describe this fun movie? The union of My Sassy Girl and Kung Fu Hustle. Great acting, funny antics and really impressively choreographed fight scenes where the Wuxia moves actually have a sense of weight, realism and gravity unlike most wire-work fight scenes. The use of weaponry, scenery and even sound to make the fights even more impressive really added to each battle the movie would show. And lastly, you got very creative sequences which give the fights a really good touch and raise it a few notches above movies like Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

I tremendously recommend the film!
Though Yun Soy is not as beautiful as Jun Ji-Hyun (Jeon Ji-Hyeon), she still does make my heart flutter when I see her pout.


  1. teeeheeeheee...nice to find you here toby :) we must get together again :) godsnotdoneyet! guess whoooo:P

  2. CHOLO!!!!

    Sige, tell me when you're back in Manila and I'll try to drop by your place in Pque on a Sunday. :-)

    Forgive me though, cause I have not seen your film yet. :-(



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