Monday, July 25, 2005


Its the first eight hours since I started taking some meds and I think my fever is dropping well. From what was 38.5 degrees last 10:20p.m. yesterday evening, its down to a much less freaky 38 degrees right now (its 6:30 a.m.). Major Thanks to Seth Suico and his minstrations (gawd, that sounds sooo wrong! heheheh, all you naughty minded freaks, shush!) for taking care of me and making sure I don't get too sweaty while am sleeping.

Joints have been screaming in frustration. I guess this is a touch of the Flu considering the most painful areas are my waist, my elbows, my shoulders and my knees. I hate the flu. It feels more like being on the Rack or the Iron Maiden back during the time of the Inquistion... slow painful discomfort that grows worse and worse. Makes me wonder if this is some form of cosmic irony all of the sudden, considering the Vampire game I am running for my friends has reached the period of the Inquisition. Hmm...

Been taking BioFlu tablets which are also known as Phenylpropanolamine HCl Chlorophenamine Maleate Paracetamol. The meds has a powerful kick that can knock you down asleep if you're not careful so I won't advise it to those who are feeling sick and have to drive. Water is my best friend, having drunk practically 2 Liters of water in what can only be described as "They're like healing pots from role-playing games... If I drink enough I feel better." Then there's good ole VICKS vaporub which frankly should have an award for all those Filipinos it has helped out.

To those who YM!ed their greetings and get well soons, my sincerest thanks! To the one who offered to come over and take care of me, I really really appreciate it but I don't think its necessary. Parents are coming over I think to nurse me back to health.

Blaaah.. I hate being sick.


  1. oh you got the flu. too bad..

    get well soon garapata!

  2. oh my, get well soon mr spidey!!!




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