Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yep one last quick post before I rush off to work. Decided to join the PINOY TOP BLOGS (Wasn't that supposed to be TOP PINOY BLOGS?) and see if my little garapata actually rates anything. I anticipate to be in the 80-200 area though. I was never popular among the Philippine reading community. The peaks of my online popularity were back during the early days of Diliman and when I was writing for the now defunct DCFutures where I had my The Enigma Grows fanfic sequel to Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo's The Enigma as well as its own spin-off title Little Deaths... oh and back when I wrote Ally McBeal fanfiction.

If anyone is interested in seeing those I can dig them out if you want. Although I believe there are still links out there to them somewhere in the web. So, do click on the PINOY TOP BLOGs icon (show both here and down below beside my RSS button) and vote for me!

Pinoy Top Blogs


  1. Salamat po! hehehe

  2. oh you got my vote too. favorite!

    besides your regular update, i like reading your blog because most of the time i finbd your entries 'for-real' -- variety of stuff and personal views which makes it interesting.

  3. Thanks Ten!
    Wish more felt the same way. Hehehe. Maybe I should shoot for better content like Jonas does.




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