Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sometimes, there are just some things that are hard to explain. Hard to give logic to. Hard to take at first glance. But nontheless, they're great.

Here are some from the "What the hell?" category:
A glimpse of the future from the past.
Obviously, unless you're a current DC comics reader, you won't get the reference.
They sure don't write comics this way anymore.
Sigh. Would have been fun.
Definitely Not for the kids.
The humor, not the content.

Here are some from the "Coolness!" category:
Global Frequency.
If you don't know it yet, hopefully this teaser will entice you to get it. You simply must.
And just in case you aren't convinced yet. Here's more.
The Authority
Superheroes who really have what it takes to make the world a better place. And they do what it takes to do it. Look for the original trades. The later recent stories... am not so sure if they're as good. Haven't read enough. (Yes, this is a link to a Stormwatch scan, but it does focus on two of the biggest names in The Authority.) Need proof? Here, read this.
The New Mutants
I miss the old run. But I guess the new run ain't that bad.
Give the old fairytales a great realistic twist. Wish there was a television series this good!

And here are some from the "Putcha, galeng!" category:
Ex Machina
Gay rights. Yeah!

How to make the Joker Cry.
All of the sudden, I have even more respect for Lex Luthor.
Batman Finally Meets His Match.
And yes, this is a spoiler. But damn, I love how it was written.
Slightly Cheesy, but Damn.
She should run here in Manila.
Kingdom Come
If you haven't read it... Really, must.
Onion Jack
Pure genius.
You Haven't Really Seen Me Dance, Roger.
Sandman. Forever. More.
There is no reason this should not be published.



  1. These are priceless, Tobie! Ha ha ha! :D

  2. i clicked on fables link and i was reminded of a book i came across few years back on 'twisted fairy tales' it was really funny and enjoyable..how creative :)

  3. I tell you, there are so many good comics out there!



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