Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Just sent my three pieces to them. Hope they like them. Tried to be brutally honest. Eep.

Blogger offered some code to try to fix the problem with the "large space". Here's hoping it works.

Work is getting back to the way I remember it. And no, that's not really a good thing.

Happy to know who my real friends are. Also happy to know that I've finally decide to open my horizons and get to know people that others actually TOLD ME NOT TO GET TO KNOW THEM. Grabe no. There are just really some people like that.

Been reading comics again. Read the first trade paperback of Y-The Last Man and got to complete Phonenix: End Song. Loved how both turned out. Wish End Song was longer though. Felt like the plot was cheated and breezed through. Then, there's the wonderful "It's a bird" Vertigo Superman tale. And lastly, the Supreme Power that really makes me smile.

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