Saturday, June 25, 2005

Its going to be another Orpheus night.
Will be having two special guests tonight!

First, we got Bambi, who's gracing the game with her presence and possibly taking a stab at playing under me. Not too long ago, her brother Art and her sister-in-law Jurist had a taste of playing a World of Darkness game with me and James. I wonder if she'll enjoy the game as much as they did!

Secondly, it seem Seth's ready to come back and guest in the stories building to the grand finale of the series. His interest has been reawakened considering Orpheus' finale has much more in relation to Vampire: The Dark Ages than it did when it began... and in many ways he always did prefer those kind of games.

Here's hoping it goes well this time!
Crossing my fingers and toes.

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