Sunday, June 19, 2005

The game last weekend didn't go as well as I would have hoped. Sam, Aldwin and Seth were playing... Awie, who was supposed to finally join the fun, wasn't able to make it. Although we were all excited and pumped up to play, for some reason it didn't just seem like it should have. Seth and Aldwin were tossing back and forth side comments unlike before. Sam was evidently caught between wanting to move things forward and letting the others make the events move. Both Seth and Aldwin and I soon were struggling against drowsiness (at alternate times). I tell you, the game session, though okay, had more negative things happening than positive.

For a moment, I found myself even scared: We're we suddenly bored of Giovanni Chronicles? Was this an effect of not being able to game for so long? Part of me was even wondering, was this some sign we were outgrowing RPGs?

I hope not.

Roleplaying games has long been a hobby of mine that I nurtured and carefully cultivated. It is a hobby I got to share with friends, strangers and even foreigners in conventions local and abroad. It is a hobby I invest in, I practice, I spend time preparing and fixing. And it is a hobby I want to grow old still playing and engaging in.

Maybe it was just some quirk.
Maybe we were just tired. Or maybe we were just... not in sync that night.

Or something.

This weekend is Orpheus: The Comedy is Over.
Guess that would be a true test, eh?

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