Friday, May 06, 2005

Its funny. In a few days I get to leave the Philipines and take a step away from the horrible "friends", the self-centered vampires, the user-friendly slobs, the pathetic gay-bashing closeted queers, the self-loathing repetitive abusive geeks and the like and remind myself life does go beyond knowing and having to endure living amongst such people.

Ironic, though, cause it would also mean leaving behind great friends, honest companions, intellectually and emotionally secure buddies, hard-working and still helpful co-workers, creatively supportive comic creators and loved ones.

But I guess I need the break for now.
Hey, who knows if I'll be lucky and some freak accident obliterates all those in the first section while I'm away. Like maybe they all choose to watch Episode 3 on the same day some just-as-idiotic-terrorist-wannabe chooses to blow the theater up.

If only I could be so lucky.
(Obviously stress and frustration are at an all-time high eh? Oh and to those who might be curious, do feel free to contact me if you aren't sure where you are in those two sections. But trust your honest instincts. Its hard not to be in the first list and not know at all.)

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