Sunday, March 20, 2005

After recovering from a bout of near Trangkaso last Friday, I leapt back on my feet and ran an Orpheus session for Aldwin via Yahoo! Messenger's chat. Its amazing how thanks to little software like that you can now hold games even for those who can't play with you on weekends.


My sister finally graduated last Saturday! After the horrible antics of her Thesis professor, she finally made it and walked out of student life and into the real world of money-woes, depression and overwork! Heheheh She even got offered a 2 year scholarship to study in New York (with housing and allowance!) I do hope she considers taking it.

While there, found myself meeting Dong Dantes and getting to chat with him about the value of studying, work, being in showbiz and the joys of knowing your sister is making remarkable accomplishments in her life. Dong was a great guy! It wasn't til after we left I realised I didn't even get to ask him to have a picture with my family. Hehehe, I guess I'm just not that showbiz starstruck like most. Would be great if we get to hang again.

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