Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lots of Highlights today
Had a lot of little events going on today. Let's start with this:

Ma-an's Despidida Pictures
Turns out, we had taken over 200 pictures that night! Talk about intense coverage eh? Talo pa yung coverage ng showbiz personalities eh? Anyway, I was sending them over to my e-mail account in hopes of posting a number of them online in my blog only to discover somehow only six of them got through. Maybe the net ate them or something. Weird.

Anyway, check them out!

Donna, Ma-an, Me and Ford

"Bakit Ngayong Ka Lang" Moment, sabi nila

Feeling Candid #1

Me, Ma-an and Andy, the unholy triat

The unholy triat in badtrip mode

Feeling Candid #2

Saw an old familiar face in the office. I was rushing to meet with Ms. Eugene Domingo when I noticed him sitting on the couch just outside our office. I guess he was handling some consultancy gig with ABS-CBN Interactive (who was just next door). He didn't recognize me or toss a hello, which I assume meant I wasn't someone he was too pleased to see. So I just moved on and focused on work.

Tom, during the good ole days

Still, somehow I wish I could have had the courage to come up to him and say hello. I really miss having him as a friend.

Realised I wanted to have my new net friends on my blog. These are people in the other side of the world whom have become really good friends of mine. I look forward to each time I can have a chance to talk with them and chat.

Eloy with Julian, Jenn with Gabrielle, and the infamous Chris

Special thanks to Chris for sending me them "hellos" even during working hours! Really appreciate them!

Found I had enough money to afford a long distance call to the Middle East. Gave Marco, my best friend, a call and talked about how things were. He sounded a tad tired but happy and I guess that's good to know. I really missed hanging out with him. Marco was the friend of mine who I have practically grown up and learned many things in life with. I miss those times we'd just escape the house to meet up at night, talk beneath a canopy of stars and share our problems and joys.

My best friend, Marco

Marco, may we someday find time to hang out again.
I really miss you buddy!

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