Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm drifting into sleep at work today. Had to come in early to make sure material for an upcoming countdown set of plugs can be produced starting 9a.m. So I woke up early and now struggle against my own body to stay awake.

While in this weird state, I found my lucid dreams suddenly happening with all these interesting twists. In one, I saw myself face-to-face with a former friend whose insensitivities just destroyed any hope of holding on to the friendship. He was telling me about his active sex life and I just laughed. He never did those things before. And now he's sunk for someone far less worthy. Then I blinked and realised it was just a dream. Why'd I'd dream that, I have a few ideas... Another one had me panicking as an officemate I found interesting came up to me and asked, "Tobie, type mo daw ako?" I freaked, tossing explanations left and right as to why I found my oficemate attractive, and fun to be with, before finally admitting "Yes, Type kita." My officemate suddenly leaned forwards, kissed me and whispered, "That's makes two of us then."

Then I woke up.


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