Saturday, March 05, 2005

Another Despidida Party
Ma-an joined us for another night of drinking, singing, dancing and saying hello to old friends and old lovers. With me downing around 9 bottles of beer and stupidly getting mashed enough to admit to certain old friends I once had crushes on them, I think I should have learned to keep my mouth shut. Strangely, though, I don't feel tipsy or intoxicated. Not like those nights I had 3 to 4 beers. God wasn't able to join us, having gotten smashed much earlier in the evening. Nor was Reg, due to work drowing her opportunities to have fun. Miss Beth and Jeff didn't make it either, perhaps opting to maximize their free time and family moments. Direk Topel, Direk Cholo and Direk Lauren were caught up in shoots. Direk Paolo, on the other hand, was suffocated by traffic and rain-checked instead.


I know I am definitely going to miss Ma-an.
We were a powerful creative team. True we often got into trouble with the consistent tendancy to be rebellious and bend the rules, but we too did things others barely achieved (like making ads that generated 1 Billion pesos worth of revenue in barely 3 months)... and never got creditted for. Now, Ma-an is free and I can see bright opportunities waiting to be picked up along her path in life.

So, good luck Ma-an! I do hope you keep in touch!
I'll try to post pictures of the party come Monday or Tueday once such an opportunity arises.

Makes me wonder what sort of thing they'd do for me... if I left.

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