Monday, February 21, 2005

LUNCH with JAC and NER
Lunch time was a wonderful event today with Jac and Ner finding time with busy schedules to join me for a small lunch chat. We ate at Pixie's, a small by-the-road restaurant where they serve really good boneless stuffed bangus. Ended up ordering two pitchers of red ice tea to fight the now growing heat of the coming Summer.

We talked shop, work, management and art and eventually had to say our "Susunod ulits" and return to the grin.

I wonder when we'd have time to make a collab? Ner was asking me if it was time to work on TU, the second issue of our supposed numerical indie project. WAN had some people buying it, and I would have liked it if more noticed it however. Hirap talaga mag marketing.

On Love and Heartbreak
Finally got to visit Megamall last Sunday to pick up the copies of Love and Heartbreak Elbert said he left for me. When I first read it yesterday, I have to admit I felt it bring me to tears. No, I didn't cry from the sappy stories or the heartbreaking tales. I cried cause I loved how Elbert made it work. How suddenly my ramblings and comic absurdities suddenly felt more real and cool.

And now, again, I'm terribly overly worried about my work for L&H2. And I'm even considering redrawing ALL the pages I have made so far. Kasi naman no, Elbert really sets a standard you have to meet.

Dreaming Again
Dreamt I was in a classroom. We were being filed in like how they used to command us back in military training. Next thing I knew, we were singing the national anthem and I was taking a lead giving it a twist they didn't expect.

Flash forward ten minutes or so later, and I am in a smaller auditorium, having been called by the other older students to join them. As it turns out, some terror teacher liked me and asked me to be in some talk he was about to give.

They ask for names, and I suddenly fumble, making little embarassing attempts at tossing jokes about being the fourth child with the same first name. They look at me, indifferent of my humor, then shakes their heads.

I wake.

Hmm... I wonder what it means?

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