Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Decided to clean up my blog
Realised after a while of reading my blog, there are many links to people I don't really know, or get to keep in touch with. Just as there are now dead links, as well as links to people whom I realise I shouldn't really force myself to keep in touch with (hey, make time for those who make time too eh?)

So, to make it simpler, I just decided to delete the links and keep those whose blogs I do love to read to keep in touch, I prefer to have to stay aware on what they're up to, or those whose blogs I just really like reading.

If you were one of those who lost a link to my blog, don't immediately assume its a negative thing. Unless of course, you realise it most likely is based on how life has treated us... or how we treated our life.

You get the idea.

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