Friday, January 28, 2005

Weddings and Alchemical things
Well, attending a wedding today. My good bud Oliver is getting married to the woman of his dreams and passions today. And here I go to take part in the event, possibly singing in the process. I don't mind. Although I do hope I sing well.

For the event, I realised my barely back crop of hair was not advisable, so I went and got a haircut from FIX salon. The amiable Miss Ina took my hair and transformed it into something... different. For me at least.

Now I need Money
This is coming soon.

They've taken a step away from the Mayan influences, which I still feel mixed about. I kinda liked their distinct visual look before. Still, they look very good! Lots of variety and color! I miss their monotone invader black outfits though. And the elaborate headpieces.
Now I need the money. Heeelp!

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