Friday, January 07, 2005

Thoughts on a Friday
After a long, long week, I've found myself contemplating on a few things:
1) Some people never grow up, Some people never change
2) There is a difference between respect and self-respect
3) Friendship means a lot more than simply saying hello
4) If you've made time for someone who just chooses to change plans without considering how it affects you, feel free to ignore their succeeding requests
5) Fooling around is sometimes a more innocent attempt at admitting someone had sex
6) Having sex isn't the same as making love, and some people will never understand that
7) Comics are made to be read
8) Feedback is not required. Nor is it necessary
9) Overwork and underpaid is better than generously paid to be verbally abused
10) Some people just love labelling others
11) Be ready to accept the fact some people you care about will abuse that concern you have for them
12) Happiness is always a choice

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