Thursday, January 27, 2005

Doing the unthinkable again
My apologies to Seth and Sam.
But I have to call quits the Exalted: The Five game.
As I stated before, each game running has certain players intended to be its focal point. Just as movies have a "main character," there are such expectations from certain players for each game. For Changeling's The Long Trod Home both Seth and Sam take those roles. For Orpheus' The Comedy is Over, we have James and Sam. For Exalted's The Five, it was Aldwin.
Why is there such a need? So the game has a more clear and concrete feel the way a well written novel or movie feels. And not seem like a game being made up on the fly as each session happens (the way most DnD games used to be run with their random encounter tables and stuff).

As you know, Aldwin has recently announced that his change in schedule has effectively killed any hopes of having games on weekends for him (unless they run on Fridays, which we all know is almost too tiring to set up... or have them start very early on Saturdays and end early as well, which isn't fun.)

So with that, I kind of realised I didn't want to reshape all my plots, trudge the game along, and find some miraculous way to keep it going until his next change of schedule happens again.

I kinda lost the taste for running the game on.

Sam, my apologies for not inquiring with you on this. I planned to. First, I asked Seth about it and he agreed that not having Aldwin there was a major bummer. But as I tossed and turned in bed thinking of the game, I realised it wasn't in my heart to play it on without Aldwin in it.

So there,
Exalted: The Five is over.
If you want to know anything about the game, like what the main plot was. Or who the real enemy was going to be. Or even how the climactic ending was supposed to happen, you can ask. Or you can just wait for another time I'd run an Exalted game and I might just recycle the ideas then.

Some things are best experienced in a game.

p.s. You are all permitted to read the Fair Folk book now. That's one good news I guess.

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