Thursday, November 04, 2004

They're here!
Mom and my sister just got back from the United States! Thank you God that they had a safe and sound trip. I'm thankful also for the pasalubongs my parents got for me. Number one on the list is the Avenue Q soundtrack and the DVDs of the first three episodes of Star Wars. Music and movies. Yup. If there were two things that would make me happy, and you didn't know how to shop for RPG books, movies and music cds would be the way to go!

The Avenue Q soundtrack has suddenly revitalized my urge to hold a musical RPG session! I wonder who'll be free to play in it though? I can already imagine a game with Sam, Aldwin, Carl, Dean, Nikki, Vinnie, Adrian, Alex, Cliff, Kate and myself in it! I don't know if Seth, Nabs and the others would be that interested in playing through a few hours singing impromptu songs and the like.

Ah... I wonder when.

The Star Wars DVDs on the other hand have sneak peeks on Episode III! Ah, I have not opened them or watched them for fear of spoiling the surprise (or getting too high an anticipation for the movie). Still... gawd... the urge to watch is there, I admit.

Also, got a really cool REACTION watch from my Mom and Dad, and a bunch of clothes too!

Many many thanks to Mom, Dad, Tracy, Kuya Mike, Ate Ives, Sophie, Jam, and all my cousins, aunts, uncles and friends in the States who got me some stuff!

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