Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Interesting Experience
Yesterday, something unexpected and supposedly never-to-happen happened. My friend, Johnboy, who is 1) straight-as-a-board 2) cynical towards the world in general 3) sexually confident and without any ounce of doubt on his masculinity and 4) larger than a pinky, was actually standing naked in front of me while running warm water over his body.

And, considering a few weeks ago, on the subject of nudity while in the presence of another guy, he said, "That will never ever happen.... not even in your dreams!"

Hmm.. Funny how the world works.
Thank GOD the reason that happen was the fact that we decided to his the SPA yesterday. Get some stress out and some relaxing back into the body. So all of you people out there with dirty imaginations, shame on you!

On that picture above, yes, he's the straighter looking one.
Uh... hard to tell? I know.

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