Thursday, October 21, 2004

Surprise Surprise
Its now my 30th hour.
Yeeha. And the annoying thing? I have to still go to work tomorrow to handle a TVC video material and a flier.
Gaaaaawd... I really feel ucky right now. Want a shower soon.

Going down South
Yeah, heading to Paranaque tonight. Spending some time with my Dad.

Friday Gaming
Just anxious for this coming Friday. Will be gaming with the gang. Same for saturday. Making the most of the weekend. Its kinda sad that we couldn't push through with the Orpheus game since James would not be free this weekend, but I'm just as excited to play Exalted and Changeling again anyhow, so it balances out in the end.

Avenue Q
"The internet is for porn.
Just grab your dick and double click
the internet is for porn!"

Hope my Mom can get me a copy of the CD while they're in the US.

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