Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Got two new games that are eating up my time
Star Wars Battlefront and Sims 2.
With Star Wars Battlefront, I finally get to relive that dream of being in those major battles in Star Wars. I tell you, being part of the offensive assault on Hoth, or the chance to kill them blasted Gungans is a treat! And the sound quality of it all. Amazing...

For Sims 2, I opted to create a family with my gaming buddies as the characters and Angelina Jolie as our housemate. Will post the images when I can. The degree of customization in the game is unbelievable. Frightening even. One can make police profiles with this game. Add to that the option of recording video of the game and moving the camera wherever you want, you can even make movies with the game engine itself!

Get the two games when you have time! They will not disappoint.

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