Friday, October 08, 2004

DILIMAN Issue 13
If I time it right, I might have it out by Halloween.
Being the thirteenth issue I want to make this issue very special. So I'm going for a double-sized page count. So far, I've hit 20 pages and from my estimates, the issue might marathon all the way to fifty. But that's assuming I stick to my thumbnails, which in practice and from experience, never happens.

The bad thing?
I'm already feeling the urge to redraw/rewrite certain portions of the book. Its so hard to maintain a horror comic when you've reached the point the victims become heroes and the secrets are now revealed. Now I see why Clive Barker, Stephen King and all the other horror masters never made their horror works serials and always made sure they reached an ending.
Because horror transforms either into trite shock-gory action or into melodramatic brooding mysticism if you're not careful.

Or maybe, its a sign.
Maybe all good things do reach an end?

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