Friday, September 03, 2004

Quickie Fiction: Self Suicide
I'm committing Suicide tonight.

The world with all its imperfections, frustrations and wonderful surprises intended for everyone else can kiss my ass tonight. I'm tired of its repretitions and constant insecurities. I'm tired of struggling to move forward while everyone else swims back. I'm tired of rejection, of bias, of gender and financial status. I'm tired of laws, of habits, of the games we play when we date, and of horrible non-satisfying sex. I'm tired of protection, of remorse, of emotional scar tissue and chatting online. I'm tired of rising gas prices, dancing senators, traffic and pathetic local publications named after fruits to sound witty. I'm tired of cellular phones in movie theaters, movies in buses, buses in narrow roads and narrow roads in people's heads. I'm tired of the dogs in the street, the crap beneath your shoes, the footprints before my door and the lock between my lips. I'm tired of publicity, fabrication, hype and religion. I'm tired of rap and rock, of pop and opera, of jazz and all those stupid jingles that embrace memes to gain ratings. I'm tired of it all.

I'm committing Self Suicide tonight with my eight inch dildo as my bullet and my ninety-proof bottle of vodka as my lover. I'm killing myself before the light of the moon with my breasts as my witnesses. I'm slicing open my clothes while standing in the shower and letting the colors mix with the whites. I'm blowing my brains out with a fucking orgasm you'll never even taste in your life.


... ah yes. Heard my sister won some Honors today. She's made a full turn-about in school within the last few years. I recall how back then, I hated having to help her study. She had this particular habit you see, of manipulating people without realising it, to do her work for her. For example, the topic would be "Politics and Cellular phones, the new information road" and she'd ask me what to write about. I'd suggest, "Why not write about how the cellular phone was used to help the Edsa 2 thing happen?" She'd then ask how to start it... then ask what to write next... then ask.. you get the idea.

Now though, she makes me proud. She worked OTJ at McCann Erickson and I was impressed with the ideas she had planned to present them for work. She handles the Radio thingie at Assumption and has been making some waves contacting people and getting them to appear in the radio show. She's become a woman who can achieve what she wants.

Congratulations, Tracy.
Let's hope the world is kinder on you that it has been on me.

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