Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Okay. After doing everything from being welcoming, open-armed, inviting, and almost to the point of actually pleading, I'm leaving you to decide when you want to hang out. Maybe I'm just too blind to realise this is a subtle way of saying "No, Tobie, we don't want to hang out with you" or maybe this is simply me being tired of trying to be understanding of everyone else, but damn it, I'm going to just enjoy my time and if anyone else want to share those moments, give me a ring.

Konting konti na lang.. Lettering na lang.
God give me the courage to finish this and hand it to Dean and Vinnie.

It was refreshing to receive an e-mail from a person asking if the issue was coming out soon. I guess I do still have readers. Well. Reader. Yay nontheless!

Moolah Problems
Still hoping to get back the 5,000 bucks I lent a friend soon. It ain't easy stretching 500 pesos for a week. And try doing that for almost four weeks.

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