Monday, August 16, 2004

Quickie Update:
Met Paolo Dy today. Amazing young director with a charming smile, an evidently present surge of creative ideas as well as a "let's do it" attitude that I wish I had. Here's hoping the commercial goes well. Will be meeting with him tomorrow again to do the Director's Storyboard.

Went to IO KTV with Joey and Hoho today. Found myself, again, following Carl's footsteps, singing songs like Better Days and Fever. I can't wait til I get to really learn to sing them better. Joey's rendition of Summertime just blew me away. Gotta learn that song too! Not bad for a 120 peso lunch.

Sleepy. Tired. And still not done with Siglo: Passion. Congratulations to the first team of creatives who did the first book. Your winning the National Book awards is a testament to your true creative spirit. I only hope my contribution in the next one does not fuck up your good vibes.

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