Tuesday, August 31, 2004

the new World of Darkness and Vampire: The Requiem books
are out and i do not have the money for them. Fuck fuck fuck.
Really. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I hate this.
I can't afford to buy the books I wanted to get. Argh...

I really should try looking for more sideline jobs. I really should be less generous and expect people to pay me back. I really should start charging for the small favors I do other people who aren't really even friends.

If by some miracle, someone actually treats me both books as a present with no strings attached... I will definitely, without doubt, go through a life-changing moment of epiphany and reconsider my life.

Grabe. Drama ba?

DILIMAN is offline.

Yep. Something wrong with my webspace it seems. Contacted the person in-charge and hoping for an answer soon. Hope its nothing that bad. Really do.

Til then, sorry to all those who hoped to check the site. If you haven't gotten a copy of the free CD with PDF versions of the first ten issues, you might still be able to grab one at Comic Quest, Mega Mall. Go ask for Vinnie.

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