Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Had a good Monday
Woke a tad late thanks to having some friends over in the evening as well as due to the news of Marco and Nel now having a baby girl. I wonder when I'll have a family too.

Work was lighter than usual. Though no-less hectic. Had to finish two storyboards, attend a telecon with a client, finish a guide cover and last but not the least, prepare for a tiangge where we'll be selling almost all the props we used in our shoots. So if there's anyone who has dreams of owning a pair of pants Piolo Pascual wore, or a pair of beach shorts Marvin Agustin was wearing, tell me asap!

After work, went singing with the ever Zsaturrnah Carl and belted out a few new songs. Never realised how fun it could be to sing 1-2-3-4 of Gloria Estefan. I must admit the main reason I tried it was due to American Idol. I really am a late bloomer, eh?

And yes the Siglo pages continues. Decided to face the music and risk being ridiculed and insulted by posting one sample. God, I really am not good with color. Dragged an office-mate of mine to help me out. So far, I think its passable. I don't really know. I hope its at least worth being still in the book. Dean. Vinnie. Be nice?

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