Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Slow day today
Though the work piled higher than yesterday, it feels like a slow day today. I guess that has to do with the act of resizing a 2.5x3 inch phone card into a 3 x 6 feet banner. Took practically three hours to enlarge without resolution loss, then around an hour to save. My god... and it still ain't even done yet. Have to get the "final call" on what phone numbers and other contact details to place on the lower corner. Once that's done, got a ballpen design, a key chain, a mouse pad, and a membership kit to follow suit. Work is work so I guess its not so bad. So long as I get to finish them all before Friday of course.

TVGuide week continues til Wednesday since I got the cover to revise. Going to do that once the banner is done saving. Whew...

SIGLO continues
Art is done. Coloring now moving forward. Gotta hurry.

Is already fermenting in my head. Scribbled two pages that needed to be drawn. Starting to notice that the comic might take a few notches away from horror and start feeling a tad like a superhero comic... well I guess that's expected since the cast is about to take the fight to the aswangs. Here's hoping it still has a fan base who wants to read it.

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