Monday, June 21, 2004

Just waiting for my hair to dry
It is two minutes to 2a.m. and I am still awake on a Monday morning. Although I know a skyscraper of work expects me to climb it in a few hours, for now I am just relaxing and waiting for my (now getting long) hair to dry. Although I have no idea if there is any scientific basis behind it, it is supposedly not healthy to sleep if your hair is still wet.

Hmm... let's see if the internet can help me figure out why:
Well, the first link I found was from Yahoo! itself!
This says:

"Dear Yahoo!:
Is it bad to sleep with wet hair?
San Gabriel, California

Dear Wethead:
We couldn't find any medical reason not to (e.g., you'll go blind, you'll get pneumonia, etc.), but if you're serious about hair health, we'd advise against it. Most of our research comes from hair product sites, but here's what we found:
Instyle Hair warns against sleeping with wet hair, saying when hair is wet, "the hydrogen bond is broken." Therefore, hair strands are more fragile and easier to break.

Tenderheaded Accessories ("Pampered hair is healthy hair") offers a wide-toothed comb that's specifically designed for wet hair. Why? Because wet hair is "hair's most fragile state."

Apparently, restless sleepers can damage their hair on regular cotton pillow cases. Makers of the Divine Satin Hair Pillow suggest that their silky pillow is much easier on sensitive hairstyles.

To prevent hair breakage, the Long Hair Group suggests that you "put your hair up" in ponytail before going to sleep and only brush dry hair. Again, these are only suggestions.

And finally, a Yahoo! Search on "wet+hair+sleep" resulted in this cautionary fairy tale from Guam. Read it and make up your own mind (or head). "

Interesting. Very interesting eh? I liked the cautionary fairy tale from Guam though. Here it is, taken from its webpage.

the legend of the girl who slept with wet hair

long ago, there was a little ten year old girl. this little girl
one night asked her mother if she could take a bath. the little girl's mother
saw that it was dark, and declined the little girls request. the mother also
knew that if she took a shower now and slept write away, the little girl would
get sick.
the little girl wanted to take a bath so bad that she ignored her mothers
orders. she took a bath, and got her hair wet. the little girl could not get her
hair fully dried so she gave up and went to bed with wet hair.
when she woke, she screamed. her mother rushed to check her daughter, and
when she saw her she fainted. the little girl had no nose and lost three fingers.
because of this little girls experience, no chamoru girl would sleep with wet hair
ever again.

Well, let's see if I'll lose my nose, and my three fingers then.
Good night!

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