Thursday, June 24, 2004

I am very very very frustrated today
There are just so many depths of frustration that can hit a single person in a single day. My god, today probably has hit a world record as far as I know... but rather than bore you with the details, let me be constructive by instead giving you an update on what my life is going through.

1) Turned Down Possible Job Interview
A really good friend offered me a release from my current job. At first, I admit, I was tremendously appreciative and excited at the prospect, but after a few minutes I realised there were things I was overlooking in my excitement. Things that I myself try to remind others when given the opportunity: Friendship and Work do not always mix well together. And considering the last thing I wanted was a dear friend feeling betrayed, and another friend getting mad at me for work-related concerns (and vice versa), I opted to turn it down.

Too bad. It really had a lot of promise too.

2) Siglo pages are..
...done as far as illustrating them is concerned. Coloring them is not as easy as it seems, it turns out. Damn, makes me wish I didn't have a day job to keep me from doing this.

Diliman 13 is.. in production. Drew around six pages today alone. Damn, that story is really roaring to be released. Had to redo around seven pages due to the sudden shift to something like a mix between anime and x-men came out of my pen. Must have something to do with seeing Sinbad last night.

Money wise, I am drowning
But not in debt. Rather in the lack of finances because I was too stupid enough to lend money out to people who haven't been able to pay me back any time early. Short financially by at least six thousand pesos, I am close to acting like a miser if I don't find an alternate source of income soon.

I guess I better stop using my phone (line) for a while. Well, if while can be defined as two months.

American Idol late bloomer
Found a site called American Idol By Request, and found a huge load of mp3s there waiting to be enjoyed. I got to admit, now I wish I watched the show religiously just to see everything I am hearing. Of course, I guess buti na rin hindi since I don't even have any local channels in my telly at home.

But damn, those people can sing!

Things I have been wanting to buy but have placed on indefinite hold due to the stupid money problem I am in
Well, where do I start?
1) Haircut
2) New X-Men trades thru
3) Sandman trades thru
4) Some comics thru Elbert
5) Some comic thru Wilson
6) End Game: book six of Orpheus
7) A host of stuff at ComicQuest I rather not name out of sheer frustration
8) More polyboxes for my room which is starting to turn into a comfortable dump site
9) New shoes considering I can't seem to find any of my "office shoes" to still be wearable, and two of my five rubber shoes are on the verge of dying. One of them, on the other hand, is beyond wearing.
10) Money to go Videoke. It was a release I really appreciated. Well, and miss now that you think about it.

Life goes on.

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