Friday, June 11, 2004

Highs and Lows
High: Got mail from Budjette and THE David Hontiveros. They really liked my script for the Alamat anthology coming up. And I was really happy to learn David really got a grasp of what I had in mind.
Low: Oliver has backed out in doing the art chores. Too busy with stuff, I guess.

High: Finished the damn invitations, the posters and the e-mail announcement for the Service Awards.
Low: Still have to go friggin out and look for chairs, and a cloth backdrop for the fucking stage. And them stupid ribbons.

High: It is a Friday
Low: I might work tomorrow A.M.

High: I have my health.
Low: I don't have a life.

Well, maybe that last one is more dramatic license than anything, but right now, it really feels that way. Why is it the people who care for you the most are the ones who aren't trying to keep in touch as much as you would think.

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