Thursday, June 03, 2004

Back at last!
It has been one heck of an incredible two days; Exhausting, immersive, and very contraversial in its own way! Was at the teambuilding thing at Cavite for the last two days and I can only stare at my reflection in the mirror and ponder on how I kept going all that time. Straight from a 21 hour-long shoot with Piolo and Tuesday, we left with the rest of ABS-CBN Global to be part of the seminar. From what started as funny ice-breakers (a 25 item long test with questions like "Someone who uses the tuldok tuldok system" to see if you know the group well, to crossing the room in a unique way no one else in the whole group has done so before) to out door activities (like searching for a single twig of wood hidden within the garden grounds) and climaxing with an incredible challenge to build a raft in one hour with one saw, ten bamboo poles, 14 plastic containers and a two balls of rope. Our group, in our opinion, built the most effective raft, considering ours never even sank enough for the team to be partially submerged in water during the whole length of traversing 100 feet to get to the flag, and another 100 feet to get back.

And that was just the team building!

Following that was a dose of videoke singing, some partying and drinking, and the most interesting Truth or Dare game that will have to remain greatly censored out of respect to those in the game. Let's just say I got to kiss a crush on the shoulder, receive two kisses from that person back (again on the shoulders) and learned that someone in the group likes me, hates me, and a large number of them believed I was definitely not "Holier Than Thou" the way one perceived me!

Sobrang saya I tell you! The travel times were long and terribly draining but still.. its okay I guess. I only wish there were more liquids in the event. Been parched ever since I learned that a single Coke in can costs 80 pesos there!

My thanks to Seth, Zeki and Kervin for checking up on me while I was out. I guess they were afraid I'd get either raped or sold to the Abu Sayyaf for my brains or something. Hehehehe. Special child talaga ako.

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