Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Stuck at home
With a touch of what may be a prelude to sickness. Well, maybe not. I dunno. With the work I've been tackling, it seems like I get more and more likely to get sick. I really need a good dose of TLC. Waah.... the longing to be pampered and physically intimate. The longing to sleep in a bed that ain't empty on one side.

Still working on the SIGLO pages. The deadline is in less than three weeks and I've barely hit the half-way mark. It is just so much harder to do comic pages when you know there are editors who'll look at it and a writer who wrote it. When they're totally personal comics, you pretty much do it the way you feel like it. But when others come into play, you can't help but feel... pressured into doing much better.

I really hope I do enough.

Too bad I can't do some pages today while stuck at home though. Left my comic stuff at the office. Groan... feel the bug to sketch some new pages pa naman. Sayang... story of my life.

Priston Tale
Still downloading the huge 528MB download for Priston Tale a MMORPG which looks much more mature and intersting than Ragnarok. I really despise Ragnarok for its annoying effect on the table-top gaming community. And for its idiotic system of learning to sit when you hit level four. And for its 90% jologs community with more than half of that same said community online in hopes to score some sex. The game itself, I heard, can be catchy, but I frankly don't think its for me. My best wishes to all you fanatics of the game, but don't expect me to be there anytime soon.

What I would really really love? A MMORPG based on Final Fantasy Tactics!

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