Monday, May 24, 2004

Just needed to let out some frustration.
Thank you very much.

The Dark God Travels
Seth, my roommate, is leaving for Hongkong for a quick vacation of sorts. It has been quite some time since I last got to visit Hongkong. I remember back then, it was like the shopping capital of the world. Practically anything you want could be found there. Nowadays, though, with the Philippines itself overflowing with international goods (as well as a host of pirated goods), it ain't easy anymore to think of anything you'd want to get at Hongkong which you can't get here. Well, other than a very valid reason not to be at work for a few days.

Have a safe trip, Seth!

Gaming Grumbles
Everyone seems to be running out of free time to have games. This seems to hold true both in AEGIS, a group which I feel strongly for, and my own gaming troupe. And adding to the annoyance is the fact a large manority of those who are free to game are those whose gaming styles don't mesh with mine.

I tell you, this keeps up and I just might "choose" to outgrow this hobby.

Shrek 2
I tell you. You just HAVE to see it.
To the very least, for the Mission Impossible sequence.

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