Monday, March 22, 2004

Work Update: Tobie's Comics
Currently doing:
1) Thumbnails for Siglo:Passion story of Quark Henares.

Occasionally doing:
1) A few more pages for Love and Heartbreak collab project with Elbert Or.
2) Script for Alamat 10 year Anniversary story with Oliver Pulumbarit providing the artwork.

On odd occasions, working on
1) Next three pages for Bangungot
2) My plans for Tu, the ongoing quarterly collab with Gener Pedrina

Heard that San' To of Acid Ink Studios is finally out, but I don't have a copy yet of the issue so I don't know how that turned out. Here's hoping it was well received. Submitted also my two one-page contributions to Hey! Comic's coming Wag, Po Lolo (I don't really know the real title of the collab) and have yet to hear if they're good.

And currently available are:
Diliman - Which has been online for quite a while and has its 13th issue very delayed due to the sudden influx of other projects. Now I know why David Mack's Kabuki hasn't progressed either.
Nearly Forgotten - Partly cause I lost the feel for such introspection... and partly cause I don't have the camera.
Wan - Which sold a remarkably depressing 7 issues out of the 50 issues we had photocopied for distribution. Damn. I guess I really never was marketable. I need a cult following.
Tic. Tic. Tic. - Which remains listed in Scott McCloud's site.
All it takes is a sneeze - Which has been released in an obscure issue of the Malate Literary Folio of DLSU.
One shot - Which, looking back, was made at a time I was actually very matiyaga an artist.

So... looking at all that, I wonder if I should push through with these projects....
I mean, am I really touching people out there with my work
or are my friends just too... nice.. to tell me to stop working on such infantile attempts
at writing something witty.

Or drawing something nice.

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