Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Strange day
Got a letter from someone whom I barely knew today. To be frank, I wish I didn't get this letter. Its freaky. Its disturbing. And it really made me feel dirty. Some time ago, I gave some words of support to a person who was helping around in my parent's house. She had an artistic ability, which would be sad if it was not permitted to grow, you see.

But sadly, my nice words were misconstrued and now, its turned into something more akin to an obssession.
And the letter, though most likely written with good intentions, has instead made me feel a hint of panic.

It was sent to my office, with numerous staples to seal it, and had pictures, numerous sheets of letters and both handwritten and type-written words.

Today, I told the guard not to let any guests of mine in unless I speak with them on the phone first. I also contacted my officemates and asked them to screen for me all visitors. I even am now reconsidering again changing my two phone numbers as well as making sure my apartment's address is not listed anywhere at home or in the office.

Freaky. This is really really freaky.

God, why me.

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