Friday, March 05, 2004

Good way to end a day
A good turn to the end of the really taxing day, it seems. First, the office finally informed me that my AWOL status is removed. I'll be getting my back pay next salary day, which is good. Forced savings and all that.

Then, there's the factor of having gotten some of my emotional endurance back. Been tough working while emotionally drained and depressed. Smiled a few times tonight, and found myself enjoying a delightful look back at roleplaying games and computer games with John boy and Seth.

Finally, found myself revving for the coming fifth game session of Gehenna. Working on the website too.
Should have it up within the next two weeks.

Been drawing and writing like hell. Got so many projects lined up I don't know how I'll manage them all. The 16 pages stuff for El is going nicely and I believe I should have it done before March ends. Then there's the Alamat story which Oliver Pulumbarit will be illustrating. There's the second Tobie - Ner collab on the works which, if the Gods of Art are kind, shall see the light of day come late April or early May. Finally, there's the coming Passion project which has nothing to do with Mel Gibson, but damn, its still something I really am excited about.

Life is good.
Even when you're mostly trudgling along through the mud.

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